MashUp Monday: “Window” w/ J.Pounds, BreauxGawd, TheePharoah, & Chazz


ULSTN is getting you hip every Monday to dope remixes and collaborations from St Louis artists on a record. This week we vibing to “Window” by J.Pounds, BreauxGawd, TheePharoah, & Chazz. Vibes, vibes, and more vibes with this track. J.Pounds and the crew link up for another hit. Check it out!

I can see it through my window, paint it,
all up in the clouds I see them thin strokes fading
I aint coming down I need that indo baby,
Ima hold it down Im on my 10 toes baby what you here for?

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[Exclusive Premiere] NIKEE TURBO – TRAP DEMON


maxresdefaultSt. Louis’s super rap rockstar, Nikee Turbo premieres his latest release, Trap Demon. Highly anticipated, this project was the first exclusive release by ULSTN. The mixtape streamed for 24 hours non stop on it’s release date and is now available to download for free while the physical copies have flooded the streets for $5 a pop. Check out hits, from Nikee Turbo like Thumb, and Ga$ on TRAP DEMON below NOW!

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[Exclusive Video Alert] Nikee Turbo x Jizzle Buckz – GA$

Who ready for TRAP DEMON?

Nikee Turbo releases a new video for his smash record entitled  GA$ ft. Jizzle Buckz.

Teaming up with STL’s own Vick Mont, Nikee Turbo is nothing less than a trap rockstar in this new video.

See last week he didn’t have time, but today Nikee Turbo got time.  He’s coming with the energy and the trap rock bangers for the STREETS.

Don’t forget to stream TRAP DEMON in it’s entirety on our mobile app at 12 midnight, and the next 24 hours thereafter!

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Check out the video above.


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anthony-lucius <span class="/>

Question: Have you ever seen a tree pulled up from it’s roots? Welcome to the life of an Afro-American.

Powerful quote from Anthony Lucius. “Black Trees” is a smooth track complimented with powerful lyrics. Lucius speaks on the struggles of African-Americans. He details his frustration with modern day systemic and structural racism. Giving a visual description as to what the “black” experience looks like.

Black Trees” is reminiscent of Billie Holiday’s 1939 “Strange Fruit“. Which protested racism in America. Specifically the lynching of African Americans. Lynchings had peaked in the early 1900s and continued through out the United States.

Anthony Lucius is definitely in line with history. Using his music to describe the times. Check out this amazing track for yourself!

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Holy Zeus – High Key [VIDEO]

Holy Zeus back with another song and video featured from his upcoming mixtape “Holier Than Thou 2”.  Check out the energetic smash, High Key, produced by GVO Productions. You heard it first on ULSTN!
Download his previous mixtape “Holier Than Thou” from
Datpiff, Soundcloud and other major sites.



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Mbz Live – Made Me (Prod. Loucotics)


As we get closer to the release of WWT, MBz drops another record titled “Made Me” produced by Production Group Tycoon “Loucotics” which includes Will Tcee, Yekane and Saantiago.  This record is hands down a motivational classic and just a taste for whats to come from Mbz. WWT is on the WAY, but check out this track for now!



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Smino – Lemon Pon Goose ft. Jean Deaux (Prod By Sango)

Smino in arguably the most capable and versatile artist coming from St. Louis. Most won’t like that statement, but how can argue with Smino’s consistency and quality. Bringing us this dancehall flavored track produced by Sango, Smino keeps pushing the envelope for music from our region. You heard it first on ULSTN!


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Shout out da homie @SangoBeats
Shout out Miss @ThatsJeanDeaux

mixed by @L10mixedit (twitter)
Artwork by Victor Birrel



Ayo smino, weh da gyaldem deh?


Lima Bean Coupe
Wit da hood skoop
Bulletproof ain’t hoes in
Only me & boo
Shawty lemme u lace up
For u get da boot
Beat like Timbaland
Now she bouta get all Magoo (my goo lol)
400 degrees
In a hoodie
Cooler den a penguins smokin doobs
Inna Swimmin pool
Love my energy
Love my melodies
I jus wanna make dat ass sing
Like Whitney Houstn


Shawty order lemon pon goose
And got loose
She don’t go back home
her guy fu
boo dis dat 05 juice
That got chu
Movin like you
Tryna have my junior

Verse 2

I’m Feelin amazing
I’m gettin aquatinted shawty
Very fine
I wanted to tell you
That pussy amazin
But that won’t make me wife
It’s zerø I’m gangin
My niggaz they mob w/ me like
Yes everytime
My confidant
It’s a new day
Pour the dusse
Lil bodequa
Love all dat rap shit
She Guadalupe
Little Smizer
Jus wanna pizza you
A digorno
W/ a porno
Jus lemme know what cha drank on
Hit cha tango to dis sango like


Shawty order lemon pon goose
And got loose
She don’t go back home
her guy fu
boo dis dat 05 juice
That got chu
Movin like you
Tryna have my junior

Verse 3


now watch mi wine pon it
feelin loose from the goose
need the lime pon it
i go tell the truth cuz it proof
put di time pon on it
yu uh go thru the roof
yu nuh miss the cue if yu wan sip di juice
ah can go n roll a duce, put u on da out a road
ha da ting lack, let me put u in control
tings a gwaan inna back
me go give u likkle act if you pickin up the slack
world cold
tell a gyal yuh salt
mi ah go in beast mode
if u rub me soft
u gone haffi put in park
be da lighter and the spark
be the fire in di dark
be the speed for tire mark
fear me fore u fear di shark
me ah go n steal ya heart

oh no
what can mi say
u know u live di walk
if i got a right a way

dey nuh need fa stalk
u can find minright away
i be on di floor even on da brightest day


come see me (repeats)


Shawty order lemon pon goose
And got loose
She don’t go back home
her guy fu
boo dis dat 05 juice
That got chu
Movin like you
Tryna have my junior

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MashUp Monday: “Diamonds & Gold” Ft Yung P and Louie Boy


ULSTN is getting you hip every Monday to dope remixes and collaborations from St Louis artists on a record. This week Bo Dean is checking in with a few friends on “Diamonds & Gold“. “Diamonds & Gold” is a track released on Bo Dean’s summer hit album “Fromerica“. The track has features Yung P and Louie Boy. Straight bars on this one, with Yung P lighting up the track in his opening verse. Straight turtle flow, “It’s slow but he be snapping“. Check it out!

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Doughboy Feat. J.R. – F#ck Nigg#z


St. Louis M.C Doughboy is back with the release of “Fuck Niggas” featuring J.R and super producer T. Dot.

This is the first release off the up coming mixtape compiled by both St. Louis superstars which also features back up help from another native of their city “Lil Stl” .

” Right now me and bro just been in the lab working ” Says Doughboy. ” We got about 15 records together between all three of us, And i feel like us doing this together will bring our city (St. Louis) together more than ever.” He explains .


As of right now the project is untitled and set to be releases by the end of the year. Be on the lookout , and follow both artist on social media @DoughboyStl & @_OfficialJr

Dcon Entertainment

For Booking Contact



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Najii Person – Personal [New Single]


Most would say don’t take things so personal, but not this particular artist/producer.  Najii Person gets straight to the point with his slick lyrics, and let’s “Her” know to start taking things Personal, or at least let a brother know when you’re ready to take it Personal.  Ladies and fellas, do me two favors?  Considering the occasion (Cuffing Season), click the playback button, and take heed.  ‘Tis the season, catch a  girl, get a girl and let them know how Personal you’re trying to be.

Stay connected with Najii Person here, for there maybe a new EP in the forecast!


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