[Exclusive Video Alert] Nikee Turbo x Jizzle Buckz – GA$

Who ready for TRAP DEMON?

Nikee Turbo releases a new video for his smash record entitled  GA$ ft. Jizzle Buckz.

Teaming up with STL’s own Vick Mont, Nikee Turbo is nothing less than a trap rockstar in this new video.

See last week he didn’t have time, but today Nikee Turbo got time.  He’s coming with the energy and the trap rock bangers for the STREETS.

Don’t forget to stream TRAP DEMON in it’s entirety on our mobile app at 12 midnight, and the next 24 hours thereafter!

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Check out the video above.


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They say Sundays are for Football. Well Fridays are for Battle Rap. This week, we highlight an extemely entertaining battle between two female MCs. The battle features St Louis’s own Rockie and Memphis’ Lady Staxx. Both MCs left it all in the ring. With bar after bar after bar, your bound to hear some crowd pleasers. This one round battle between ladies is definitely one to remember. Check it out!

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Tank The Machine ft. Foo Foo Rena & Burn Hayes – “Calendars”

In an emotionally moving video, St. Louis Hip Hop artist Tank The Machine illustrates a mother’s worst nightmare with his official visual for Calendars featuring Foo Foo Rena & Burn Hayes. Calendars is a testimony to the MC’s struggle and hustle as he emerges in the rap game as one of the first artist under the growing, Midwest independent record label Nyne2Fyve. The vigor and hunger heard within every bar serves as a reminder of the young rapper’s desire to reach the top and overcome the wickedness of the St. Louis streets.
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Holy Zeus – High Key [VIDEO]

Holy Zeus back with another song and video featured from his upcoming mixtape “Holier Than Thou 2”.  Check out the energetic smash, High Key, produced by GVO Productions. You heard it first on ULSTN!
Download his previous mixtape “Holier Than Thou” from
Datpiff, Soundcloud and other major sites.



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Street Status does it again with another dope battle! This battle is T Dubb O‘s official return to battle rap vs Champ MC. T Dubb O, took a hiatus from battle rap to focus on being an activist in the community and work on his music.

There was numerous talk of T Dubb O to battle Heartless in his return to the ring. Needless to say, fans are happy to see him back. Champ MC is on the rise in the battle rap world. With majority of his battles being on the Street Status platform. This is definitely a a must see in T Dubb O‘s return to the ring. Check it out.



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Bloom – Raindrops [New Video]


Bloom is back with a visual follow up for her debut record Raindrops. She pulls off a stellar performance in this self-directed masterpiece.  Full of contrasting colors, close ups, powerhouse vocals and of course Raindrops, this video displays a promising career for Bloom.

Watch it now, hell replay it if need be, it’s worth it!

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B. Stew – No Convos [New Video]


Fresh off the reel, B. Stew drops a fresh new visual for his latest record, No Convos.  In this new video B. Stew confirms that it’s sometimes best to keep quiet and not utter a single word, for it might get you trouble or block your blessing.  Watch the video below now, and actually listen to the record.  I’m positive you’ll find yourself playing this on the ride home from a date that couldn’t possibly get any better.  Let us know if she left with or without the panties, but No Convos – please!


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ULSTN Presents: Top 10 Music Videos (Summer 2016)

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ULSTN Radio presents the TOP10 Lists. Our city is home to some of the most talented and resourceful artists, producers, and videographers/directors the world has yet to see. We’ve decided, from our own opinion, to compile monthly and quarterly Top 10 Lists that highlight the quality these artists produce that others strive for. The winners’ artistry pushes the envelope, and sets industry standards in St. Louis, which sets their work apart from those who aspire, and those who are true entertainers.

Below are the top projects for Summer 2016. Enjoy.

And Remember. Our List. Our Rules.


1.) Low Key Trippin’ – Mai Lee (Directed by Jon Michael & Bradd Young)

Truly a beautiful woman, and an even greater entertainer & singer, Mai Lee at the top spot with her latest video release to her single, Low Key. This video includes it all from great quality, dancers, to a dope story line that shows her reaction to finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her. There is so much energy in this visual. Check and see why we chose it for the top spot.

2.)Never – Bill C Da Don (Directed by Wiley Films)

Bill C Da Don consistently comes with complex treatments, and concepts for his music videos to accompany his singles. He does the same with his single, Never, perfectly describing his intentions with the girl currently showing interest in him. This video with a classic look earn Bill C the number 2 spot. Check it out below.

3.)Blk Juptr – Smino

Consistency is key and Smino seems to have the key next to his house key. Scoring the third spot on the HitList, Blk Juptr, exceeds all expectations.  The record alone has earned many impressions, and pairing it with a video of this caliber makes the record “the perfect couple”. See below, it’s a must watch.

4.)Mali Moolah – Muhammad

Breaking through all types of barriers, Mvstermind broke the code to enter the fourth spot with Mali Moolah.  This video has consciously and subconsciously been viewed by alot of us.  Why, you ask? It’s been onYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Fuse TV, BET JAMS and ULSTN to name a few platforms.  Still asking Why? Check it out below.

5.)Portal Music – Amir

Truly one of many, lyrical top shottas in the MME camp, Amir grabs the fifth spot.  Portal Music is nothing less than amazing and a solid follow up from the camp as a whole.  From the subtle keys, to the blatant cement brick dragging behind in the background, you’ll be sure to get sucked into the Portal Music video below. Check it out!

6.)Poppin’ – Doughboy ft. Rich The Kid (Directed by Unkut Cinematics)

Doughboy leaves us with plenty of videos to choose from this summer, but this one seems to stand out the most. Real, raw, and rich would described this visual coming in at number 6. This video Poppin’ features ATL’s Rich The Kid, and has been heard all over the city. Once again Doughboy continues to show us was consistency plus talent looks like. Check it out below.



7.)Forever Live On – 3 Problems (Directed by RemRod)

3 Problems may be the most popular act in St. Louis amongst the youth gaining national exposure with their videos. This video, Forever Live On in particular sheds light on the recent passing off 3 Problems group member Swagg Huncho. This video featuring Ejay Moore, has gaining much popularity, and earns the number 7 spot.

8.)Real Me – Mbz Live

Mbz Live with the eighth spot for Real Me.  In this video he truly shows viewers the Real Mbz.  For the record Mbz, keeps things consistent aurally and visually.  Check out the video below and be amazed.

9.)All My – Bo Dean

With all my landing a spot on the HitList, the video earns the eighth spot on this list.  With solid features, and clear cut visuals this video stands out when speaking on current issues we’re facing in our community.  Check out the piece of work below.

10.) Gang Season – JR (Directed by Vickmont)

Gaining national buzz with his releases, JR has proven himself as a true representative of St. Louis. This video for his single Gang Season gives us a raw look into JR’s lifestyle, with this dope shoot and edit from popular St. Louis videographer Vickmont pulls in at number 10. Check it out below.

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